Tuesday’s Menu!

May 3rd’s Menu
Location: Corner of 3rd and Tryon Streets
  • ($7) Tacos
    Grass Fed Beef with Grilled Onions, Ashe County Cheeses, and Lettuce (2 Tacos)
  • ($5) Julie’s Tomato Sandwich
    Classic Tomato Sandwich with slices of Ripe Local Tomatoes, Cracked Pepper Aioli, on Nova’s Bread
  • ($2) Sides
    Side Salad – Fresh Greens, Cucumber, and Radish
    Ripe Strawberries
Farms Used
Barbee Farms, Concord
Windy Hill Farms, New London
Muddy Boots Farms, Millingport
Miller’s Strawberries, Salisbury
Please Note: Today’s menu traveled an average of 60 miles from the farms to our cart.

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