Food Cart

Roots is committed to working with local farmers to use the freshest local food possible. Our menus focus on using what’s in season and available.  Our chefs are passionate about food and each project that we take on. We always take the time to plan each event from start to finish to ensure complete satisfaction. We pride ourselves on creating a personal relationship with our customers, right down to how they like their lunch prepared or event designed.

Meet the ROOTS Team

Craig Bio Page
Craig Barbour ~ Executive Chef and Owner
Craig Barbour, executive chef and owner of Roots, is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University. He received the majority of his professional training under Chef Mike Vergili of Carmel Country Club.  Craig is from a small town in Maryland where there is more farmland than there are shopping centers.  After noticing that most of the food he worked with was from counties more than 1,500 miles away, Craig decided to take action.  With the support of Chef Vergili, Craig was able to start providing his own kitchen with food sourced from farms less than 100 miles away.  Craig started a company called Co-Operative Connections that’s sole purpose is to source local food for restaurants in Charlotte.  After being out of the kitchen and experiencing the difficulties chefs face in purchasing local food, he needed to prove that it is possible to utilize local food as a primary source.  Thus the inception of the Roots Food Cart was born.  The food cart serves as a venue that has the availability to showcase local food while utilizing what’s in season.

nate roots farm food chef
Nathan Law ~ Executive Chef
Nate is originally from MI but has lived in Charlotte for the last 6+ years. He has worked in the restaurant industry since he was 14 years old, spending the majority of his first 4 years in Charlotte at Carmel Country Club. If you ask Nate about cooking he will tell you that this was actually his second place passion, only behind sports. As he got older he realized that he was not going to be going pro in the 3 major sports so cooking it was. What he enjoys the most about cooking is that it is an ever-changing business. People say you learn something new everyday and in the culinary world he feels this statement couldn’t be more true.

andreaAndrea Pasquan ~ Account Executive (Food Truck & Non-Profit)
Andrea grew up in the Seattle area, but has lived in a few different places before landing in Charlotte in 2012. She has traveled all over the world doing various volunteer work, and has personal interest in anti-trafficking efforts. Her entrepreneurial spirit and love of good food fit perfectly at Roots. 

DSC01898Jake ~ Sous ChefJake is currently a student at Johnson & Whales University in Charlotte. He grew up in small town in Maryland.  Upon moving to Charlotte he quickly realized that many of his friends from his hometown were friends with Craig.  The two met at an event in Charlotte and have been working together ever since. Jake would like to utilize his many culinary talents to be his own boss one day.

Kim ~ Marketing & Events

Kim has spent most of her career working in Sales and Marketing. She moved to Charlotte in 2007 from a small town in Connecticut. Kim has always enjoyed working with food and comes from a family who has had their fair share of experience in the restaurant business. Kim met Craig while renting out the same commercial kitchen and loved the concept of making local food available through the Roots Food Cart.  From that day forward, she has been a part of helping Roots grow as a local business.

The Team

We have an awesome team of people who work hard every day to fulfill the goals of what Roots is all about. Each person brings a huge amount of passion and dedication to support making local food available each day to our loyal customers.



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