The suuun is shinin’…

And this road keeps windin’. To Innovation Park at 7201 Hewitt Associates Dr. Ha! That didn’t flow at all. But the point is, that’s where we’ll be for lunch today. If you’re in the University area or maybe you randomly have the day off, come by the truck today!

Does your company ever do lunch meetings or celebrations where you need some box lunches? Enter Roots. We have a special box lunch menu just for you. Email us to inquire at

You’re probably already in the know about this, but this Saturday, April 4th is the grand opening for Birdsong Brewing at their new location! We’re so excited for them and even more excited that we get to be a part of the big bash. We’ll be there from 5pm-9pm. So bring your thirsty eyes and hungry stomachs. And then starting next week we’ll be there every Thursday night.

Innovation Park Menu

Beef Burrito

Painted Hill’s Farm grass fed ground beef with shredded lettuce, seasoned rice, grated cheese, and local tomato pico de gallo

 Cuban Pork Sandwich

 Pulled pork shoulder seasoned with coffee, herbs, and chilies, house made pickles, Swiss cheese and Dijon aioli

Grilled Chicken Wrap

Springer Mountain Farm’s free range chicken. With green pepper and papaya slaw, and fresh greens

 Bonzo Wrap

Chili spiced garbanzo beans, cilantro tomato chutney, fresh greens


Black Bean and Corn Southwestern Pasta Salad

 Spring Couscous

 Red pepper, red onion, dried cranberries, pineapple & citrus vinaigrette




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