A message from Craig

I have good news and bad news.  It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell everyone that we will no longer serve breakfast at the Atherton Mill Farmer’s Market.  After 4 years of commitment to the market, I received an e-mail from the market manager saying that we would no longer be needed at the there.   The motives for this decision still remain unclear, only that our attendance at the market was not consistent enough; though every single day that was not raining and the truck was not broken we were there.  We have been a part of the market since we opened our doors in 2011, and we stuck by the market when it was slow. We did not go to the market to make money, we would go to the market to support the vendors, support local food, and of course to see all the smiling faces of our Saturday morning regulars.  There is no sense in dwelling and I could lament on the matter for 2 pages, so I will get to the good, no …GREAT news!  We will be a part of a new market every Saturday at the corner of Wedgewood and Tyvola at Wedgewood Church.  The market will be small, however there are beautiful oak trees to sit under and have your breakfast.  We will be there the same time that we were normally at Atherton 9:00am-12:00pm.  Please come see us and support our new location, for many of you it is actually right in your neighborhood!  Stop and grab some breakfast on your way to Yorkmont Farmer’s Market or to Atherton Mill Farmer’s Market. The number 1 rule of shopping for food is to never shop hungry!   The address is:

4800 Wedgewood Drive

Charlotte, NC 28210

Tonight we will be at Sycamore Brewing as normal! The weather is getting nicer and the beer tastes just as nice as it always has! As mentioned above, tomorrow morning we will be serving breakfast at Wedgewood Church Market. We will also be at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. All of you loyal Saturday morning customers and friends do have a few other options to see us this weekend. If you are many of the lucky  who get to leave town for this holiday weekend, try to support local wherever you are going.



Nachos $7

Add beef $2

Add chicken $3

House fried corn chips, topped with creamy queso, onions, fresh jalapenos and cilantro


Red Chili Chicken Taco $4 each or 3 for $11

Roasted Local Free Rang Chicken in a red chili and sweet bell pepper marinade, cucumber radicchio slaw with orange coriander vinaigrette

Fried Ahi Tuna Taco

Chorizo Kale Slaw

Banh Mi $8

Asian BBQ Pork with pickled carrots, julienned cucumber and radishes, cilantro sprigs in a housemade Sycamore grained baguette

Local Free Range Smoked Chicken Wings

Local Honey Aleppo Dipping Sauce


Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet

Local Strawberries and Chocolate Mint $3

Pasta Salad $2

Bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, balsamic vinaigrette and chopped herbs and Cajun spices

See you at the cart,



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