Taco O’Clock

Hey hey! Since we couldn’t park uptown last week, I know you’ve been having taco withdrawals, so we’re here to save you! Lots of goodness on the menu today.

If you haven’t made it to the monthly #instabeerupclt event yet, tomorrow it’s goin’ down at Birdsong Brewing, 6pm-9pm. They’re always a good time, and Roots will be present to feed y’all!

Oh and we’ll be at Innovation Park and Uptown tomorrow, so be on the lookout for those menus in the AM.

Uptown Taco Menu (Tryon and Levine Ave of the Arts)

Pork Tikka Masala

Braised pork with roasted tomatoes and bell peppers, purple marinated cabbage and julienned carrots topped with Tikka Masala Sauce

Tuna Taco

Panko Crusted Tuna over greens and topped with watermelon, lemon grass salad and a mint Avocado Crema

Cashew Chicken

Poultry Junction Roasted chicken, kale and grilled jalapeno salad and a Cashew peanut aioli

Amarillo Cauliflower Taco

Local Yellow Cauliflower Florets blanched until soft over greens and topped with seasoned roma tomato and house made cheese and cracked black pepper


Potato Salad

Sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, bell peppers, onions and tabasco maple aioli

Pasta Salad

Rigatoni pasta, fire roasted veggies and roasted tomato and red wine vinaigrette

Green Salad

Local Ivy Place Strawberries, red onion, pistachios and simple vinaigrette

keep truckin,







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