New Tuesday Spot

Good Morning,

It may be a rainy day but that isn’t stopping us from taking out the food truck. Starting today, we will be at Innovation Park every Tuesday instead of Thursday. Spread the word for us. We have a pretty normal schedule for the rest of the week except we will no longer be going to Innovation Park on Thursdays anymore. Check back daily for updates. Have a great day.


Roasted Chicken Pita

Roasted Chicken with spicy tomato coulis and marinated cucumber and onion salad

Banh Mi

Braised Pork, with Korean BBQ Sauce, pickled carrots, cucumbers and fresh jalapenos on a toasted French baguette

Fried Fish Po Boy

Panko Crusted swordfish, with creamy cumin cabbage and tartar sauce on a baguette

Veggie Burger

Ground quinoa, potatoes, carrots and caramelized onion over greens and sweet oregano aioli


Pasta Salad

Cucumber Salad


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