Tacos again today! Yes, you read that right. All of you lucky humans working in the Duke Energy Center have the opportunity to eat our famous Roots tacos. A really great combination to try is the Patty Pan Taco with a side of the Kentucky Wonder Bean Salad. It’s Friday, try something different. Speaking of trying something different…if you haven’t been to Sycamore Brew on a Friday night, then now is your chance to try it. They have a large open patio and live music. And of course, we will be there tonight. Check back later for details and that menu.


Grilled Jerk Chicken Taco-$4

Jerk marinated grilled chicken with fresh green, topped with fire roasted pineapple.

Adobo Lime Carnitas Taco-$4

Adobo marinated grilled pork shoulder topped with creamy local Siberian Kale, Red Russian Kale, and

Red Veined Dandelion Greens

Spicy Chorizo Taco-$3

Spicy Chorizo, Local Heirloom Rainbow Carrots with Crisp Curled Celery and Fresh Herb Aioli

Patty Pan Taco-$3

Rowland’s Row patty pan and crooked neck squash, shaved thin and marinated in fresh oregano

vinaigrette, and topped with roasted bell pepper and lemon sorrel


Local Cucumber Salad-$2

Sliced Local Cucumbers, Shaved Red onion Fresh Herbs and Honey Red Wine Vinaigrette

Kentucky Wonder Bean Salad-$2

Local Kentucky Wonder Green Beans with Fresh Orange Zest, blueberry and cranberry glaze and

Balsamic Vinegar


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