Good Morning!

Today we will be in our new Saturday spot serving breakfast and coffee! Come out to Wedgewood Farmers Market ( for some good local food and some great produce. We are using fresh blueberries for blueberry pancakes. YUM! We will also be at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden ( for lunch. If you are looking for something different to do in the Charlotte area today then stop by the garden and see all of its beauty.

Breakfast Menu

Blueberry Pancakes

Bell’s Best Berries Blueberries in a Fluffy Pancake Batter

Veggie Omelet

Farmer’s Market Veggies, Fluffy Free Range Eggs, and Little Cheese

Kale Poached Egg Salad Guanciale

Local Kale, Fresh greens, House Cured Guanciale, a Little Melon, Poached Egg and Cracked Pepper

You Call It

Sausage or Bacon

Scrambled or Fried

Toast, Biscuit, Muffin

Hash Browns


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