Birdsong Awesomeness

It’s time to celebrate Thursday night! Why? I say why not? And it’s pretty hot out so you’re probably thirsty for some Birdsong beer. That’s where we’ll be tonight serving up some eats to go along with those cold beers, so hope to see you there! It’s going to be a tough call on what to order tonight…check out the menu!

Birdsong Brewing Menu, 5pm-9pm

Cool as a Cucumber 

Cold crisp cucumber salad with fresh herbs and shaved red onion

Cold Turkey 

Smoked turkey cold cut, fresh lettuce, goat cheese, garlic scape and sliced cucumber, all wrapped up in a sundried tomato tortilla


House fried corn chips, creamy cheese sauce, and sungold pico de gallo

Add Grilled Chicken 

Smoked Free Range Wings

Smoked Poultry Junction Farm’s free range chicken wings smoked and grilled, served with spicy brambleberry BBQ sauce

Taco Fresco 

Grilled Chicken and Ice Cold Market Slaw made from Fresh Crisp Cucumbers, Chioga Beets, Green Cabbage and Tender Kale, all dressed with a refreshing mint lemon vinaigrette

Tortilla Chips and Heirloom Tomato Salsa 

Heirloom tomato salsa made with local tomatoes that were picked TODAY!

thirsty. on a thursday,



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