Good Morning!

Today we will be in a new location right outside of One Day Surgery starting at 11am. The address is 1577 Harding Place(Map View)Tonight we will be at Sycamore Brewing as usual serving up some yummy items that will go great with your beer! Tomorrow morning we will be at Wedgewood Farmers Market. Check back later for those details and menus. We got in a lot of fresh produce this week and are really having a fun time creating new items for you all to try. Have a great Friday!


One Day Surgery Menu

Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich

Local pork shoulder, slow cooked and pulled, topped with our house made pickles and South Carolina style BBQ sauce

Grilled Chicken Wrap

Marinated Grilled Chicken with local kale and radish, citrus vinaigrette and fresh greens

Heirloom Tomato Sandwich

Local heirloom tomatoes, cracked pepper and herb aioli, fresh arugula, and Nova’s French bread

Roasted Root Veggie Pita

Roasted local root vegetables, fresh greens, and sweet pea vinaigrette, wrapped in a warm soft pita

Local Cucumber Salad

Thin sliced local cucumbers with shaved red onion and simple herb vinaigrette

Market Salad

Fresh greens, lots of local veggies and simple vinaigrette


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