Motivation Wednesday

You’ve probably seen “Motivation Monday” posts and quotes pop up on your social media feeds. They’re great, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes you need a pick me up mid-week. Enter Roots. Our tacos have been known to give you an energy boost, make your tummy smile, as well as improve your emotional state. (That claim is unofficial.) That’s why so many people make it a part of their weekly routine. The chefs have dreamed up some mouth-watering tacos today for lunch in Uptown! Take a quick looksy below and we’ll see you at the truck.

We will also be making a special appearance tonight at Sycamore Brewing! So be sure to stop on by for some Wednesday chill time, and enjoy a good meal. You deserve it.

Taco Day (Uptown across from Duke building)

Wooden Robot Beer Battered Shrimp Taco

(Limited Release)

Topped with fresh tomatoes and lemon garlic scape aioli

Bahn xeo

Vietnamese yellow pancake, Fire roasted veggies, broken rice, fresh basil and mint, side of homemade ‘yum yum sauce’

Cubano Taco

Pulled pork and seared pork belly, grated Swiss, quick pickled cucumber, and black mustard vinaigrette

Chicken Maque Choux

Cajun spiced free range chicken, and Maque Choux, a cajun corn salsa made with sweet corn from Barbee Farms

Panko Crusted Tuna

Panko Crusted Ahi tuna, quick fried, and topped with cold smoked local heirloom tomato and baby fennel frond ‘relish’


Cold Quinoa Salad

Quinoa, garlic scape pesto, fresh lemon

Side Salad

Shaved Beet, Red Onion, Cucumber, Red Wine Vinaigrette


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