Team Building

Welcome to Roots corporate team building cooking classes. We offer a wide variety of classes from Pasta Making to Knife Skills to How to Master Meats. We also welcome new ideas if you have a specific skill in mind or would like to customize the class to a specific topic relative to your event.  Our classes are perfect for celebrating company milestones, rewarding employees, introducing new recruits or entertaining guests or clients.

The classes are 2 hours in length and can be scheduled at a time that is most convenient for you. In each class you will be provided with materials needed to complete the class. The first half will consist of an in-depth learning period in which we will teach you fundamental techniques and proper skills to complete the remainder of the class. In the second half we will take those skills you’ve learned and apply them to creating several different dishes in which you will be able to relax and enjoy with your team once they are finished.

If you are interested in Roots Corporate Classes please fill out the form below or feel free to send us an email at



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