Food Truck Catering

 Uptown TruckFarm Dinner Food Truck

Both of our food trucks are available to book for private events.  The Roots food truck is a chef driven concept that uses seasonal ingredients and endless creativity to develop new menus every single day. We strive to purchase as many ingredients as we can locally so sometimes our prices may seem a bit higher than other food trucks, but our quality will be above and beyond. Below are some frequently asked questions about booking the food truck.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of people I need for the food truck to come out?

No, but we do have a minimum bottom line.  For the food truck to come out and serve at your party we require a minimum of $900.00 on food and beverage be spent. 

 Will the generator from the food truck be too loud for my neighbors?

 In most cases we can plug the food truck directly into your home or business as long as there is a standard outlet no more than 50 ft from the truck.  We also have a quiet running generator that is no louder than a conversation if we are unable to plug the truck in.

 How do I choose the menu for my guests?

 Some folks know exactly what type of food they want, and that is great.  i.e.; Tacos, Sandwiches, Cajun themed, Southern BBQ etc…

 If you need a little help deciding on what you want to be served from the food truck, we will walk you through some menu items that we feel will fit well with your specific event.  By going to our homepage, you can scroll through recent menus, or you may choose from the catering packet if you see some items that you would like at your event.

 How big is the food truck?

 Our Large Truck is 24’L x 8’W x 11’H

Our Small Truck is 10’L x 8’W x 9’H

 How many items should we pick?

 We suggest picking 3-4 main items and 2-3 side items. 

 What is the average cost of a typical food truck party?

 The cost per person for food and beverage is generally $12-$18 per person.  For beverage options please see our section for bar and beverage set-ups.

 Can we get dessert?

 Absolutely, Roots can provide a wide range of dessert options for you to choose from.

 What if my guests are still hungry after eating from the food truck?

 Roots can provide you with displayed or passed appetizers before, during or after the food truck is done serving. 

 What kind of staff comes with the food truck?

 With just the food truck we bring 1 or 2 chefs and 1 or 2 servers depending on the size of the event.  We can also provide you with Bartender Service, and additional wait staff to assist with your event.

 How long will the truck stay at my event?

 The food truck will serve food for 2 hours, unless otherwise contracted.

 What if it rains?

 We have a couple of options if it rains.  We can usually reconfigure the event to keep your guest out of the rain when ordering.  We have tents available to rent to create a dry pathway to the food truck.  We can also change the event to be an indoor party, by altering the food to be either buffet, or heavy appetizer style service, which may have an additional fee. 


Cancelation Policy

Food truck events can be canceled up to 2 weeks in advance, however the deposit paid will forfeited.  Within two weeks of the event the full amount due required for the event will be forfeited.  Events may be rescheduled but will incur an additional fee.


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