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It’s Friday night! I don’t need to remind you of that. You’ve already been plotting away your weekend plans. Hopefully they include the spots we’re going to be at…? Tonight we’ll be at Sycamore Brewing AND Tilt on Trade. Live music will be goin’ down at Sycamore by Gene Gene and the Blues Machine. And Tilt is hosting a fundraiser, where there will be a silent auction and a live date auction (thought that only happened in movies!)

Tomorrow in the AM, we’ll be serving breakfast at Wedgewood Farmers Market. That menu will be up in the morning, but I heard the chefs are putting a pancake taco on there…YUM! Stay tuned.

Sycamore Brewing, 5pm-10pm

Nate’s Nachos

House fried corn chips, black bean and heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn pico, cilantro, queso

 add chicken

Smoked Wings

Poultry Junction smoked wings with buffalo or red pepper molasses sauce

Fish Taco

Panko Crusted Tuna with black bean and corn pico
Veggie Sliders
Black bean, sweet corn and caramelized onions topped with striped beets and sweet pepper aioli
Ceviche and Chips
shrimp, cilantro , jalepenos.
Mac Bites

Boardwalk Fries

Seasoned fries with old bay and malt vinegar

Cucumber Salad

 Pasta Salad 

Tilt Menu, 9pm-12am

Chili Con Queso

House fried corn chip with queso and chili spiced beef topped with cilantro

Braised Pork Taco

Braised molasses rubbed pork, grilled apple and rainbow chard and smoked jalapeno and garlic aioli

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla

BBQ Grilled chicken and melted blend of cheeses, seared to perfection

Smoked Wings

Wings smoked in house, dry rubbed spiced and then tossed in Korean BBQ


Miss Vickie’s Chips 

Orzo Pasta Salad 

Cucumber Salad

celebrating good times,



Baguettes & Brew

It’s Thursday afternoon and it’s pretty toasty out, so you must be thirsty. It’s Thursty Thursday…get it…Anywho, tonight is a great night to chill and enjoy some good Roots eats! We’ll be at Sycamore Brewing and Birdsong Brewing from 5pm-9pm. Did you hear about Birdsong’s Jalapeno Ale cans? They’re going on sale TODAY in the tap room only! And our Banh Mi baguettes we’re serving at Sycamore are homemade using spent grain from Sycamore…delish!

Below are the 2 menus we’ll be serving, so take a look and start getting hungry.

Sycamore Menu

Greek Nachos 

Toasted pita bread topped with black bean hummus, marinated tomato and onion relish, chopped oregano and house made creamy feta (Add chicken)


House fried corn chips, topped with creamy queso, onions, fresh jalapenos and cilantro (Add chicken or beef)

 Green Chilies Pork Taco 

Braised pork carnitas in a tomatillo, green chilies and bell pepper marinade, red bell pepper and orange pico

 Banh Mi 

Asian BBQ Pork with pickled carrots, julienned cucumber and radishes, cilantro sprigs in a housemade baguette


Southern Style Patatas Bravas 

Fried Sweet potatoes and russet potatoes with garlic aioli

 Pasta Salad 

Bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, balsamic vinaigrette and chopped herbs and Cajun spices

Birdsong Menu


House fried corn chips, topped with creamy queso, onions, fresh jalapenos and cilantro (add chicken)

Chicken and Waffle Sliders

Roasted chicken with purple marinated cabbage, red onions, pork belly and Tobasco Maple Aioli on a Waffle

Tuna Taco

Panko crusted Tuna Taco with sauteed bell pepper, onion and orange zested arugula


Southern Style Patatas Bravas

Fried Sweet potatoes and russet potatoes with garlic aioli

Green Salad

Cucumbers, carrots, cranberries, sherry herb vinaigrette

taking care of my thirst,


happy happy joy joy!

Happy Friday afternoon to you all! Will we be seeing you at Sycamore Brewing tonight? Hope so! And at Atherton Market tomorrow morning? Hope so! And at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden for lunch tomorrow? Hope so!

We’ll be serving up some good ones tonight to go with your adult beverages at Sycamore. Check it out yo. And then scroll down further for the breakfast menu…and then the lunch menu. Don’t be overwhelmed.

Sycamore Menu, 5pm-10pm


House Fried corn chips, queso, fresh jalapenos, red onions, cilantro

add Chicken or Pork

BBQ Pork Tacos

Braised pork, creamy apple ginger slaw

Chicken Salad Wrap

Poultry junction grilled chicken with celery, Spanish onions, garlic aioli and chopped herbs in a garlic herb wrap

Sriracha Hot Dog

All beef hot dog filled with sriracha and sweet chili slaw


Southern Style Poutine

Sweet potato fries with beef gravy and cheddar cheese

Pasta Salad

Fusilli Pasta with cucumber, tomatoes, roasted garlic and a herb vinaigrette

Atherton Market Breakfast, 9am-12:30pm


Black beans, peppers and onions, pulled pork and cilantro aioli

Buttermilk Biscuits and Vegetarian Herb Gravy

Roots Hash

Sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, caramelized onions and herbs with fried eggs and tomato gravy

Pancakes with Scuppernong Syrup

DSBG Lunch Menu, 11am-2pm

Chicken Salad wrap

Hot dog with sides

Turkey Panini, apples, cranberry aioli, greens and dill harvarti

Pork Tacos

Cheese Quesadilla


Pasta Salad

Green Salad


winning all weekend,


Got the time?

Is it beer o’clock? Is it Roots o’clock? Is it live music o’clock? Let’s just agree that it’s all of the above. We’re getting ready to head over to Sycamore Brewing tonight so we can feed all you awesomes!

I doubt you forgot that Sunday is Mother’s Day so be sure to celebrate this weekend. We’ll be at Atherton Market for breakfast tomorrow and Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden for lunch tomorrow AND Sunday. Come out and see us!

Here’s what’s on the menu tonight for you Friday celebrators!

Sycamore Menu, 5pm-10pm

Meatball Sub 

House made ground beef and pork meatball, with rich tomato sauce, parmesan cheese and dried oregano

 Ham and Brie Wrap 

House brined ham with melted brie cheese, apple cranberry aioli, golden delicious apples in a spinach wrap and pressed on the flattop until cheese oozes out the sides


Corn fried tortillas chips with smoked queso, pickled jalapenos, onions, cilantro and black bean puree

 Veggie Wrap 

Red Quinoa, fire roasted veggies, red pepper aioli and cilantro in a spinach wrap


Miss Vickies Assorted Chips 

Pork Belly and Balsamic Dijon Potato Salad 

Green Salad 

Strawberries, red onion, cucumbers and herb vinaigrette

celebrating friday,


Batter batter swing!

Today is National Take a Chance Day, so I say why not come out to the truck and do just that. Have you been to a Charlotte Knights game yet this season? Always a good time.

We’re at Innovation Park (university area) today for lunch, then off to Birdsong Brewing tonight, 5pm-9pm. It’s Thursty Thursday y’all! There will be live music, a free brewery tour at 6:30pm, and they’ll be tapping their “Babalu” IPA. Sounds like something out of the Jungle Book or Lion King. Awesome.

Looking ahead to Friday, we’ll be inside the Duke building for lunch (4th floor). You’re also invited to get a complimentary Roots taco lunch at Fifth Third Bank in Concord (871 Church Street North), from 11:30am-1:30pm. Come on out, you know the trek is worth it!

Innovation Park Menu

Curry Chicken Salad Wrap

Celery, grapes, almonds, onions, greens

Fish Taco

Panko Crusted striped bass with greens and strawberry jalapeno relish

Brisket Wrap

Braised brisket, black beans and creamy kale and apple slaw

Kale Apple Salad

Roasted carrots, red onion, golden delicious apples and a creamy sweet potato dressing


Pasta salad with sweet oregano dressing

Mrs. Vickies assorted chips

THURSty & winning,


You’re Thursty!

We’re getting ready for a warm night out at Birdsong Brewing tonight. Remember, they moved here. Come out for Thursty Thursday, get a cold one and some Roots food to pair with it. I’m thinking the Jalapeno Ale and our Sriracha Mac Bites…if you like some spice. I know a lot of you do. Or try our new Striped Bass Taco before we run out.

Tomorrow is Friday, woop woop! Do your pre-Friday dance please. We will be serving lunch inside the Duke building on the 4th floor and then out at Sycamore Brewing for dinner.

For tonight, here’s what’s for dinner. I know, it’s a tough decision. Just get one of everything and share with your posse.

Birdsong Brewing 5pm-9pm

Chicken Cordon Bleu Sliders

Poultry Junction Panko crusted chicken, lightly fried, with cured ham, swiss cheese and honey mustard aioli on a Kaiser roll

Pork Taco

Marinated and braised pork, lady apple and bell pepper pico, NC BBQ sauce and organic greens

NC Striped Bass Taco

Wild Caught Carolina Striped Bass breaded in Japanese bread crumbs and topped with pickled carrots, celery, green peppers and a creamy garlic, ginger dressing

Veggie Quinoa Quesadilla 

Roasted crimini mushrooms, corn, red onion, sweet chili vinaigrette, and blended cheeses


Sriracha Mac Bites 

Tuna Salad with Pitas 

SW Black Bean & Corn Pasta Salad 

May I have your attention

Howdy friends! Got lots to share about this week. We hope you’ll be a part of it!

We will not be parking at Free More West today for lunch, I’m sorry! We have our grilling class tonight that we’re stoked about. Want a last minute spot? We may be able to squeeze you in. Next Tuesday the 14th we have a Cooking for Spring class. You can register for our classes HERE.

Tomorrow is Taco Wednesday, of course, so we’ll be uptown to take care of your taco withdrawals you’ve been having since last Wednesday. Thursday we’ll be at Innovation Park (university area) for lunch and then Birdsong Brewing for dinner. Were you at Birdsong on Saturday with the rest of Charlotte? That was quite the grand opening! Then Friday night we’ll be at Sycamore Brewing. What can we say, we love our breweries!

Ever been to a party at a farm? Or done a mud run? You can do either or both this Saturday right HERE. We’re excited to be there, and hope you’ll join us!

keep truckin,


It’s Friday. Shhweet.

Holler! Who’s ready for the weekend? Me. You. Let’s do this.

We’ll be in the Duke Building (4th floor) today for lunch and THEN Sycamore Brewing tonight and THEN at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Saturday and Sunday for lunch (11am-2pm). If you’ve never been out to the garden, you should check it out this weekend since the sun will be making an appearance. And they’re having a Peter Rabbit Garden Adventure event, so if you have kids or are a kid at heart you should definitely come on out. But if you are a kid at heart, you can also enjoy mimosas. Adult bonus.

Duke Building Menu, 11am-1:30pm

Chicken Philly $8

Grilled and marinated chicken in house made Chiavetta sauce, topped with sautéed peppers and onions and covered in a creamy queso.


Meat a balla Sub $8

Grass fed ground beef meatball with a herbed marinara sauce and blended parmesan and provolone blend


Korean Pork $8

Korean BBQ Pork with wasabi and ginger slaw atop garlic mashed potatoes


Quinoa Wrap $7

Seasoned quinoa, celery, onions, and corn, roasted potatoes organic greens with a chili aioli in a tomato basil wrap




Fire Roasted Veggie Pasta Salad $2


Green Salad $2


Garlic Mashed Taters $2


Creamy Broccoli and Bacon Soup $4