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What up Wednesday

Things are a bit different this week. So let me fill you in on our whereabouts for the next few days. (Side note: we missed you at Taco Day today! Our lot was closed due to speed street.)

We will be at Sycamore Brewing tonight.

Tomorrow we’ll be serving lunch at Innovation Park (university area) and then dinner at Birdsong AND Sycamore (live music…whaaa).

Friday we’ll be inside the Duke building (4th floor) for lunch and back to Sycamore for dinner.

Sorry if you’re a person that doesn’t like change, and we totally screwed up your lunch schedule uptown this week. We’ll be back to norm next week.

Come hang out at Sycamore tonight, or stop by and grab some dinner to go. What a nice surprise that would be for your fam or roomie!

Sycamore Brewing Menu

Greek Nachos 

Toasted pita bread topped with black bean hummus, marinated tomato and onion relish, chopped oregano and house made creamy feta (Add chicken)


House fried corn chips, topped with creamy queso, onions, fresh jalapenos and cilantro (Add chicken or beef)

 Green Chilies Pork Taco 

Braised pork carnitas in a tomatillo, green chilies and bell pepper marinade, red bell pepper and orange pico

 Banh Mi 

Asian BBQ Pork with pickled carrots, julienned cucumber and radishes, cilantro sprigs in a housemade baguette


Southern Style Patatas Bravas 

Fried Sweet potatoes and russet potatoes with garlic aioli

 Pasta Salad 

Bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, balsamic vinaigrette and chopped herbs and Cajun spices

winning on wednesday,