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Got the time?

Is it beer o’clock? Is it Roots o’clock? Is it live music o’clock? Let’s just agree that it’s all of the above. We’re getting ready to head over to Sycamore Brewing tonight so we can feed all you awesomes!

I doubt you forgot that Sunday is Mother’s Day so be sure to celebrate this weekend. We’ll be at Atherton Market for breakfast tomorrow and Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden for lunch tomorrow AND Sunday. Come out and see us!

Here’s what’s on the menu tonight for you Friday celebrators!

Sycamore Menu, 5pm-10pm

Meatball Sub 

House made ground beef and pork meatball, with rich tomato sauce, parmesan cheese and dried oregano

 Ham and Brie Wrap 

House brined ham with melted brie cheese, apple cranberry aioli, golden delicious apples in a spinach wrap and pressed on the flattop until cheese oozes out the sides


Corn fried tortillas chips with smoked queso, pickled jalapenos, onions, cilantro and black bean puree

 Veggie Wrap 

Red Quinoa, fire roasted veggies, red pepper aioli and cilantro in a spinach wrap


Miss Vickies Assorted Chips 

Pork Belly and Balsamic Dijon Potato Salad 

Green Salad 

Strawberries, red onion, cucumbers and herb vinaigrette

celebrating friday,