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get up stand up

Chill out. Grill out. Everyone loves to grill, right? It’s finally nice out enough to light up the grill, and relax on the deck with family and friends. Lucky for you we have a grilling class coming up on Tuesday, April 7 and we have some spots left with your name on it! Whether you have never touched a grill in your life, or maybe you’re a grill master chief, this class will be so fun for you! Grab a pal or spouse or dad (what dad doesn’t love to grill?) and sign up HERE. Maybe it could be an early mother’s day or father’s day gift? Boom. Already done. Any questions about it, shoot us an email to rootsfarmfood@gmail.com

We’ll be uptown today for TACO DAY! Across from the Duke building, at Tryon & Levine Ave of the Arts. What a superb day to eat outside too!

This afternoon we will be running up to Davidson Day School, serving from 3pm-6pm. So come by and grab some dinner for the fam!

Uptown Menu

Cajun Chicken Taco

Grilled and roasted chicken with Cajun Spices, marinated green Cabbage, bell peppers, arugula, Aleppo pepper aioli

Adobo Pork

Slow cooked and Aboba marinated pork with Achara (papaya, cabbage, onion, pepper)

Fajita Grass fed Ground Beef

Grassfed ground beef with diced peppers, onions and lime juice. Shredded cheddar Cheese, Pico de gallo, Leaf Lettuce

Patatas bravas

Fried russet potatoes and Cilantro Tomato Chutney over greens Greens


Black bean and corn southwestern pasta salad

Spring Cous Cous

Bell peppers, red onion, dried cranberries, pineapple and citrus vinaigrette

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bu bu bunsen

Good morning Charlotte! (or any other rando place you are) We would like to take this very brief moment to give a shout out to National Bunsen Burner day! Roots uses these all the time so we are grateful they exist.

Hey don’t forget, tomorrow is April Fool’s so you better be plotting today. I know I will. But I won’t throw any pranks at you guys. Tomorrow we will be Uptown for lunch and then running up to Davidson Day School and serving there 3pm-6pm. So if you live in the area you can swing by and grab some dinner. It’s going to be a nice sunny day, both today and tomorrow so we hope you’ll come on out and see us!

Today we’re at Free More West, from 11am-1:30pm. See you there.

Free More West Menu (1435 W Morehead)

Churrasco Steak Taco

Grilled Beef flank steak, with greens and southwestern bean and corn salsa and a chili aioli

Curried Chicken Wrap

Poultry Junction roasted chicken, coconut curry, mint, basil, carrots and peppers in a whole grain wrap

Trout Po Boy Taco

NC panko crusted trout, arugula, and a cucumber, garlic, coriander remoulade

Quinoa Wrap

seasoned quinoa, with corn, roasted mushrooms, greens and sweet chili sauce


Roasted Veggie Pasta Salad

Mac and Cheese Bites

Broccoli and Bacon Soup

wi wi winning,