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get up stand up

Chill out. Grill out. Everyone loves to grill, right? It’s finally nice out enough to light up the grill, and relax on the deck with family and friends. Lucky for you we have a grilling class coming up on Tuesday, April 7 and we have some spots left with your name on it! Whether you have never touched a grill in your life, or maybe you’re a grill master chief, this class will be so fun for you! Grab a pal or spouse or dad (what dad doesn’t love to grill?) and sign up HERE. Maybe it could be an early mother’s day or father’s day gift? Boom. Already done. Any questions about it, shoot us an email to rootsfarmfood@gmail.com

We’ll be uptown today for TACO DAY! Across from the Duke building, at Tryon & Levine Ave of the Arts. What a superb day to eat outside too!

This afternoon we will be running up to Davidson Day School, serving from 3pm-6pm. So come by and grab some dinner for the fam!

Uptown Menu

Cajun Chicken Taco

Grilled and roasted chicken with Cajun Spices, marinated green Cabbage, bell peppers, arugula, Aleppo pepper aioli

Adobo Pork

Slow cooked and Aboba marinated pork with Achara (papaya, cabbage, onion, pepper)

Fajita Grass fed Ground Beef

Grassfed ground beef with diced peppers, onions and lime juice. Shredded cheddar Cheese, Pico de gallo, Leaf Lettuce

Patatas bravas

Fried russet potatoes and Cilantro Tomato Chutney over greens Greens


Black bean and corn southwestern pasta salad

Spring Cous Cous

Bell peppers, red onion, dried cranberries, pineapple and citrus vinaigrette

keep truckin,



Hey you guuyyys!

We’re at 2 places today for lunch we’ve never been before, and it’s not going to rain so that’s a plus! Water Ridge. Providence Baptist Church. Be there with bells on.

We’ll also be at 2 places for breakfast (my fave meal!) tomorrow morning. Menus and details to follow a little later today.

Water Ridge Menu (2201 Water Ridge Parkway)

BBQ Pork Slider

Braised pork, house made pickle and NC BBQ Sauce

Egg Salad Slider

House made egg salad, pickled jalapeños and greens

Curried Chicken Taco

Roasted chicken with coconut curry sauce and chopped cilantro

Veggie Wrap

Seasoned quinoa, sautéed zucchini, squash, onions, organic greens in a whole wheat wrap


3 bean salad

Green Salad

With onions, cucumbers, carrots, & a simple vinaigrette

Providence Baptist Church Menu (4921 Randolph Road)

Southwest Chicken Wrap
Free range romesco roasted chicken, 3 beans, cilantro, red onion, and baja aioli
Chimichurri Roja Steak Sandwich
With arugula, fresh cilantro, red pepper goat cheese spread, on an amaroso roll
Banh Mi
Asian infused pork, pickled julienned cucumbers and carrots, jalapenos on a hoagie roll
Veggie Quesadilla
Quinoa, corn and mushroom and blended cheese pressed together on a tomato basil wrap
3 Bean Salad
Broccoli Salad
Roasted red peppers, bacon, onion

keep truckin,


What the peep?

So some of you have probably heard about Peeps milk. If you’re a curious George type, you’ve tried it. It seems that you either love peeps or you don’t. I’m not a fan, but that doesn’t keep me from thinking up crazy ways we could incorporate this marshmallow milk phenomenon into our menu. I’m thinking a chocolate marshmallow milk infused pancake in the shape of a bunny topped with pastel tie-dye colored marshmallow creme. That’s festive right? I don’t think the chefs will go for it.

In other non-peep-related news…both trucks will be venturing out today! Uptown (across from Duke building) and Innovation Park (7201 Hewitt Associates Dr). Don’t let this gloomy weather stop you from grabbing some Trout Po Boy Sliders or Chicken Enchiladas from Roots! They’ll turn that frown upside down.

Almost forgot! Tomorrow we will be at 2 locations for lunch. One will be a new Friday spot at 2201 Water Ridge Parkway. The other is a one-time event at Providence Baptist Church. So we hope you’ll put Roots on your lunch calendar for tomorrow. Lunch calendar ha. Does anyone have one of those?

Thursday Lunch Menu

BBQ Pork Wrap

Braised pulled pork with SC mustard BBQ sauce, kale & spinach slaw, & sweet potato apple chutney in a tomato basil wrap

Trout Po Boy Sliders

Cornmeal and panko breaded Trout on a Novas Boilo slider roll and house made tartar sauce and green leaf lettuce

Chicken Enchiladas

Roasted tomato braised chicken with roasted peppers, onions and mixed cheeses

Roasted Vegetable Salad

Fire roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini, onions with green goddess dressing and chia crisp


3 bean salad

Red kidney beans, garbanzo beans and black eyes peas with chili cilantro vinaigrette and chopped onions and jalapenos

Green Salad

Onions, mushrooms, cucumbers and simple herb vinaigrette

winning in the rain,