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May I have your attention

Howdy friends! Got lots to share about this week. We hope you’ll be a part of it!

We will not be parking at Free More West today for lunch, I’m sorry! We have our grilling class tonight that we’re stoked about. Want a last minute spot? We may be able to squeeze you in. Next Tuesday the 14th we have a Cooking for Spring class. You can register for our classes HERE.

Tomorrow is Taco Wednesday, of course, so we’ll be uptown to take care of your taco withdrawals you’ve been having since last Wednesday. Thursday we’ll be at Innovation Park (university area) for lunch and then Birdsong Brewing for dinner. Were you at Birdsong on Saturday with the rest of Charlotte? That was quite the grand opening! Then Friday night we’ll be at Sycamore Brewing. What can we say, we love our breweries!

Ever been to a party at a farm? Or done a mud run? You can do either or both this Saturday right HERE. We’re excited to be there, and hope you’ll join us!

keep truckin,